What is that Elusive Something that we All Seek ?

What is that Elusive Something that we All Seek ?

Grandness is all around us …within each and every one of us…Yet man is mostly unaware of it…Often Greed and superficiality make him search far and wide in all the wrong places.Blindly and persistently….in prevaricating ways,intending to find this elusive something that he seeks…Digging shallow hole after shallow hole,on every square inch available to make sure he misses no opportunity…he must satisfy this unquenchable thirst he feels…yet again, seemingly,what he finds is never appeasing enough to him…only temporarily satisfying,almost a carrot on a stick… Through this ‘not finding what he seeks’, he finds other possible replacements for it,that can give a relative sense of   gratification… relief at least ; an illusory achievement?…But what in reality are we all looking for ? Indeed …it IS….to find our true selves that we have long lost along the way…remembering who we truly are and without whom we always feel incomplete …”Who am I,How and why am i here?What is the function of it all…and the purpose?” …It is your soul’s call,nudging you “come back to yourself,your true self”…but we often ignore the meaning of this call,many the things serving as shackles,many the distractions like louder voices over-riding the one soul voice of truth… many the times we choose to search elswhere for the answers…. externally,through material objects..through expecting this gift to be freely bestowed upon us by someone else other than ourself or achieving it through accumulating vast fortunes ,titles and pride…The truth is ,there is no deadline to compete for,no need for amassing material possessions to fill the emptiness…What we seek has always been Here and Now,always available to the humble seeker…The simple effort to focus ..is all it takes … one singular hole to dig…deep enough….not plenty shallow holes and moving to the next one because we did not find what we were looking for through our impatience…slowly but surely to the right depth where the water is to be found…trusting and knowing that eventually we get deep enough to find it,aware that it is a process to be achieved one inch at a time,because this water is the only thing able to quench our deep,visceral thirst that we feel inside…As simply as removing all the obstacles on our way that prevent us from having the clear vision to go in the right direction,is all it takes….from there on you yourself become the water that easily flows unhindered and uninterrupted…D.Cardona 27/4/2012


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I AM A CREATOR, HEALER, VISIONARY & SEEKER OF TRUTH & JUSTICE. I BRING LIGHT & JOY TO ANYONE WILLING TO EMBRACE THAT IN THEMSELVES ... I AM A MOTHER, DAUGHTER, FRIEND & PARTNER .... committed to the GREATEST GOOD of ALL. I AM INDEPENDENT and aware that I AM BESTOWED FREE WILL BY THE DIVINE CREATOR and I FAITHFULLY EXERCISE my HUMAN RIGHTS. I AM an Educator and a Pupil of Life. I AM a Communicator, Spokesperson, Public Speaker and Advocator of Personal Choice, Respect and Responsibility to myself, fellow Wo/Men & all of Creation. I AM Self Taught, Self Motivated, Selfish and Selfless. I AM a Problem Solver and Negotiator. I AM a Trail Blazer. I AM Loyal. I AM a Researcher and Writer. I AM a Professional. I am Organized, Logical, Practical and Resourceful. I AM a Small Business Expert & Entrepreneur. I AM an Administrator, Bookkeeper & Tax Preparer. I AM a Project Planner and Builder. I AM a living Mystic with Universal Intelligence... PEACE, HARMONY, ABUNDANCE & LOVE FOR ALL LIFE FORMS :)

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