Karma Yoga Daily

The Stages of Rebirth

By Lauren Gorgo – June 4, 2012


It’s difficult to imagine that the last 10+ years of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical clearing could eventually give way to a new (human) experience…but this is exactly what the Pleiadians insist is happening as I write this.

The lunar eclipse mid-way portal point is today (June 4th), and we have just completed the first level integration of the photonic infusion from the recent solar eclipse…which was a biggy. Lots of karmic residue surfaced over the last two weeks, and so you may have noticed loads of letting go as you said goodbye and/or made peace with many past encounters during what the sisters termed our “final life review”. Simultaneously, our new operating system was booted and since May 20th we have been scanning and testing for bugs and glitches in the initial set of operations required for…

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I AM A CREATOR, HEALER, VISIONARY & SEEKER OF TRUTH & JUSTICE. I BRING LIGHT & JOY TO ANYONE WILLING TO EMBRACE THAT IN THEMSELVES ... I AM A MOTHER, DAUGHTER, FRIEND & PARTNER .... committed to the GREATEST GOOD of ALL. I AM INDEPENDENT and aware that I AM BESTOWED FREE WILL BY THE DIVINE CREATOR and I FAITHFULLY EXERCISE my HUMAN RIGHTS. I AM an Educator and a Pupil of Life. I AM a Communicator, Spokesperson, Public Speaker and Advocator of Personal Choice, Respect and Responsibility to myself, fellow Wo/Men & all of Creation. I AM Self Taught, Self Motivated, Selfish and Selfless. I AM a Problem Solver and Negotiator. I AM a Trail Blazer. I AM Loyal. I AM a Researcher and Writer. I AM a Professional. I am Organized, Logical, Practical and Resourceful. I AM a Small Business Expert & Entrepreneur. I AM an Administrator, Bookkeeper & Tax Preparer. I AM a Project Planner and Builder. I AM a living Mystic with Universal Intelligence... PEACE, HARMONY, ABUNDANCE & LOVE FOR ALL LIFE FORMS :)

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