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UFO shot down a missile in Taiwan 2011

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Recent UFO footage over LAS VEGAS BLVD

This is the most incredible sighting. Filmed in LV. The guys commentary is awesome too

UFO Sightings, Disclosure & Return of the Star People

UFO Sightings, Disclosure & Return of the Star People

Random UFO sightings, information and disclosures.  Keep in mind the kind of technology these intergalactic beings have. If they were coming for any other reason than friendly, we would have been destroyed long ago!  The only attempt of hostility has been conducted by our own militaries.  The ‘so called’ intelligent species we are, shoots first, then acts questions later.

The attempts by our military are futile however, these ‘visitors’ have technologies to disarm the weapons used by our militants.  They have proven time and time again they come in peace and they will not allow us humans to unleash nuclear weapons upon them or in our atmosphere to destroy them because of the detrimental affects the fallout caused by our weapons would have on the surrounding air, water, land, animals and peoples.

Many ex-government officials and black ops workers have come forward to disclose the information our world leaders have withheld from the general public.  Some have actually gone aboard these crafts and have had physical contact with extra-terrestrial beings.  They have confirmed, via face to face contact, that these beings come in love and peace.  They will also tell you the reason our governments shoot first and ask questions later is so that they can steal the technology to use for their own personal gains and advancements.

It has been said time and time again secret organizations within the governments and military exist and are being overseen by an organization whom call themselves theIlluminati(Cabal).  They pretty much own the entire civilized world.  The mainstream media outlets, governments, banks, secret space programs which use ‘stolen’ technologies (advanced air crafts, stargates & inter-dimensional travel, free energy, mind control, cloaking devices, time control, advanced weaponry ~ just to name a few), the food chain (GMO’S), medical & pharmaceutical industry, educational content & systems, secret military personnel & programs, banks & lending institutions,Religious Institutions, Insurance Programs, precious metals and natural resource supplies ~ petroleum/diesel & bio-diesel, great lakes … just to name a few.  This is by no means the end of the list but it is a synopsis.

For anyone to have this kind of power, wealth and control should prompt the question, why wouldn’t they want to keep these ‘alien’ anomalies secret?  Why wouldn’t they spend money and time discrediting them?  What would happen to their world domination if the public knew such ‘clean and safe’ technologies exist?  How would such disclosure effect their plans for A New World Order and One World Government?  Everyone has heard those statements said by countless politicians and world leaders over the last 100 years for certain.

Keeping the public in the dark about aliens, advanced civilizations and technologies are certainly to someone’s advantage!  Controlling what the media is allowed to share with the public keeps their position of domination, wealth and control secure for the self proclaimed elect.

I also find it very convenient that we of the civilized western world are dominated by religious institutions that are very wealthy, are guarded and self contained.  These institutions from my own experience base the ‘fear of god’ in their teachings.  If you are to take the time to peruse and discern the scriptures, god is a loving god.  He has no wrath or retribution.  He has bestowed free will upon man.  He created man in his mirror image.  He does not judge, nor does he see differences.  So my question is, how and why did FEAR, ANGER & RETRIBUTION evolve from a loving god if it were not directly misinterpreted and dictated to the mass in order to control or dominate something or someone?

You will also find that these ‘aliens’ are advanced spiritually and they wish for us to be as well.  Every person that has direct contact or encounter of extra-terrestrial beings will confirm they do not wish to control us, harm us or preach of an entity outside of ourselves to find spirituality.  They are in accord with those of the eastern culture who look within to find spirit, strength and power.

Eastern spiritualists tap into universal energies in various healing modalities as well as herbal remedies for curing their ailments and sicknesses.  Not surprising, but eastern cultures are far healthier than those of the western civilized societies who have become dependent upon modern medicines and technologies to fix their various dis-eases.  Is it a coincidence western modern medicine is dominated, controlled & owned by corporations, individuals and entities linked to the Illuminati group?

This is my perspective on things.  I have a whole lot of questions that mainstream status quo has FAILED to appropriately and acceptably address.


Wednesday 21st March 2012 at 20:10. I was watching these ships at a distance in my back garden flashing my LED torch at them, they gradually kept getting closer until this happened when I least expected it, they came right over top of me allowing to quickly film them. This ship’s design is similar to that of the Sting Ray without the tail, the others are Triangular. I now know that I can contact them, as this is the second time they’ve approached me when I’ve either called them using my mind, or in this case a flash light, but this time it was a different type of ship, not the Triangular ones I’ve been filming. There were two types here tonight. Normally I’ve been filming them over at Bawsey, but tonight I thought I would trick them by not being there, as I know they’ve been observing me, so I watched them hovering and flying over the area that I should be, and it’s as if they were looking for me. This short video is the proof that they found me, and I found them.

No Necessary Anomaly Exists | The 2012 Scenario

REBLOG ~ EXCELLENT CONSIDERATIONS!  click link for entire blog.

‘We need to recall that the destruction of the cabal’s command centers, the takedown of HAARP, the neutralizing of pandemics and vaccines, the mitigation of earthquakes and hurricanes, the removal of depleted uranium from the air, and even the destruction of the financial empire of the cabal and the arrest of its members could not have taken place so quickly without the intimate and essential help of the galactics.Consider just one thing that the galactics have done, which is to prohibit the explosion of nuclear bombs in warlike conditions (not in testing) on the planet or in space. That alone saved us from the cabal starting World War III by bombing Iran. That alone could have killed billions on the planet. How would self-reliance or any of the other well-sounding statements have protected us from a nuclear world war?I personally very much doubt that we could have overthrown the cabal today (and we have not completed that task yet) if the galactics had not helped us. And to say otherwise is in my view wishful thinking.The debate makes no sense to me because no one – not the galactics and not us lightworkers, starseeds and Earth allies – have ever said or implied that people should not be standing on their own two feet, shouldering their work, and going inward.Search this site and what will you find? Exhortations to emerge, seek God within, and listen to your inner voice. Invitations to use your own discernment. Reminders that Ascension comes from our own efforts.

via No Necessary Anomaly Exists | The 2012 Scenario.

Salusa-March 21st 2012

‘As you now realize the changes will be far reaching, so that you no longer live the lie that has passed as the truth. Have you not often thought that there must be something better than what you have experienced. That there must some purpose in life rather than the aimless routine, that kept you tied to the dictates of the Illuminati. The mere fact that you are now being helped to lift the veil that has prevented you from seeing the truth, should encourage you to stand tall and claim the freedom that has been denied to you. Each individual soul is loved no matter what role they are currently playing, and you all have an equal opportunity to move towards Ascension. You can help each other in this respect by supporting those who are awakening, and sometimes confused by what they are understanding. It is indeed a shock to find that you have been deliberately misled about the true purpose of life.

We must not forget the creatures of the Earth, as with the physical changes many species are at risk. Man has not always been kind to them and yet they are here to evolve as you are. Domestic pets are generally well treated, but along with those you call wild, they all need kindness and love. Some souls dedicate themselves to such work, but in the near future much more help will be required.’……..

via Salusa-March 21st 2012.

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3/17/12

Many of you have special skills and talents, and these will be reintroduced to you so you could apply your experience to the new challenges that we will face. You all have been brought here for a reason, and you are about to rediscover just what that reason is. Together we will tackle every obstacle before us and clear the path for humanity’s ascension into the higher realms. This is why you are here, and it is time we joined together and reformed our team and did what it is we do best.

Up until now, we have all been working separately in different ways in service to humanity, and it is time we synchronized our efforts as our powers are far greater as a collective than they are as individuals. You will again witness the power of the collective as we begin working together as one towards our shared goals. Stay alert and prepared for changes in your lifestyles as they are coming, and we wish you all to be as prepared as you can be for them. Many of you will be contacted in one way or another when it is time to begin our work together.

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3/17/12.