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Parallel Universes and how to change reality!

Mainstream science is now recognizing the existence of parallel realities. Can we change realities by shifting our intention? THE POWER OF INTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Charlie Chaplin Speaks (rare!) Eerily beautiful speech

Rare clip of Charlie Chaplin in a speaking part. Beautiful speech and rings eerily true to this day. Really…LISTEN TO EVERY WORD!

2.1 Adamu-The Disclosure Issue (Part 1)

Excellent explantion of disclosure. Your only limits are that of your imagination. Choices. Look within, listen to your inner voice, that of goodness, kindness and love. This is your connection to source, the unity consciousness.

Change Your Perspective ~ Change Your World (Free Will/Choice)


An absolute truth I have always known is that I have choices, WE all have choices.  Linear thinking, perceiving something as either black or white, is not something I have ever understood, can relate to or have much tolerance with.  I have always seen the full color spectrum and I perceive all situations, circumstances and interactions as unique via multiple perspectives.  This way of thinking and being is encrypted within me and is the only thing I have NEVER questioned the legitimacy of.   Actually it didn’t occur to me others were not aware they had this faculty.  It is only recently through research that I have come to understand it as ‘Free Will’.  Inherently I have always known to look within for my answers, choices and probable consequences but most importantly, understanding that my freedom lies in my independence.  Inherently, freedom and independence is my happiness.

Your choices can make you feel good and happy(positive), or feel yucky and sad(negative).  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  If you choose to hold onto that which aren’t optimum feelings (good/positive/happy), you will continue to feel awful, confused, disheartened.  There is absolutely no reason for you to choose to hold onto anything that doesn’t serve your feel good happy little deserving self.  Everything you have ever needed to be happy, healthy and productive can only be found from within.  Anything external is a temporary fix, band aid job so to speak but you will never find resolution.

Understand that this TRUTH works both ways.  I am responsible for my choices and my reactions (physical/emotional) only.  You are responsible for your choices and reactions (physical/emotional) only.  No matter what anyone has done, or said to me, I have always understood it to be their choice, not mine.  They would be the one to deal and live with themselves, their choices/decisions.  For me that moment was gone, and that is why I do not feel it necessary to forgive anyone for anything.   Many times I have had my life threatened, another insisting I caused their reaction and emotions.  Many times I have been subjected to and been a witness of emotional manipulations of the non-violent nature.  Both are one in the same, irrational and illogical, caused by the limited understanding/perspective that outside influences are responsible for ones choices.  I have a logical and rational mind, I do not react or buy into emotional manipulation or physical force.  With maturity I have learned to keep quiet or walk away so as not to antagonize the volatile/irrational situation, minimizing my suffering.  No words can be understood by those who look outside themselves for answers or blame others for circumstance or feelings.

See each moment for what it is and make a conscious choice not to fall prey to the illusion that anything external can cause you to do, say, feel or react.  Choice.  To consider otherwise is to say you lack the capacity, creating dependency, thus your situation will continue to seem bleak, unbalanced, volatile and depressing.  Your life and circumstances are entirely made up by your perspective/choices.  There are countless ways to say this same thing.  Your reap what you sow.  Karma.  What you put out is what you bring back to you.  If you don’t like what you are receiving, change the way you think about it.  Find a way to stay in the NOW, learn the lessons and be aware that only you have the choice and the free will to create the life you desire.  You may continue to subject yourself to those negative circumstances and people, or you can let it go and move beyond, empowered, independent  and free from the shackles of another imposition.  We must re-educate ourselves about Respect:  Ourselves, Personal space, One another, and Every other life form.  It begins and ends all from within, a personal and intimate journey.

FREE WILL ~ BESTOWED TO ALL: definition …..choices (a matter of perspective) … Happy or sad. Victim or empowered. Healthy or sick. Anger or compassion/empathy. Deserving or unworthy. Independent or dependent. Arrogant or humble. Fearful or discerning & informed. Ambitious or lazy. Trustworthy or gossip. Aggressive or assertive. Dominating or helpful. Hate or love.

See the pattern.  Understand this creed, positive vs. negative. Honor yourself by remaining positive, this is how you best honor your god given rights, plus you’ll be a happier healthier person for it. A win, win situation, no matter how you look at it.

Living in Love & Light!!!

I understand this doesn’t look like much, that’s because it is so very far away. However, if you spend time observing the night sky, you too will see this phenomenon on a very regular basis. I myself have observed numerous in the last month or so. I have no video or palm camera suitable to capture actual footage but I will confirm I see these all the time. I have used a scope & binoculars to observe these spectacles and I have seen the rainbow light spectrum energies emitted from these things, it is absolutely magically fantastical to witness. Fact, you will have to see it the truly believe it… and you won’t see it if you’re not patiently observing.

Day before last I was relaxing on the beach around dinner time while my daughter played. The clouds looked like feathers whisking across the sky, with several rainbow spectrums to be seen. All of a sudden there appeared many ‘light’ orbs in the sky, showing up then disappearing. Scattered randomly around, very, very far away. They look like iridescent soap bubbles when sunlight is cast upon them. I called my daughter over to observe and she literally couldn’t believe her eyes. We must have seen at least six at once, then they disappeared & reappeared or new ones appeared… it’s impossible to tell if it’s the same ones or not. They danced around from overhead to a little further south where we lost sight of them in the trees and behind the clouds. Nonetheless, it was remarkable and reassuring to see their presence in multitudes in my skies <3. Reassuring, because they have the capacity and intend to clean up the chemtrails that had ridden our sky the day earlier.

I have observed their presence for years, and I have blogged my thoughts on them. There is absolutely nothing to fear. If they were of an unfriendly nature, we would have ceased to exist long, long ago. The chemtrails that our own militants spray upon us is what should have you concerned (not angry or scared as it is apparent we are being assisted with the clean up of these toxins), not the orbs, or various other saucers to be witnessed so predominantly world wide these days. People must accept and understand this.

Free Will ~ God Given Rights

FREE WILL ~ BESTOWED TO ALL: definition …..choices (a matter of perspective) … Happy or sad. Victim or empowered. Healthy or sick. Anger or compassion/empathy. Deserving or unworthy. Independent or dependent. Arrogant or humble. Fearful or discerning & informed. Ambitious or lazy. Trustworthy or gossip. Agressive or assertive. Dominating or helpful. Hate or love.

See the pattern.  Understand this creed, positive vs. negative. Honor yourself by remaining positive, this is how you best honor your god given rights, plus you’ll be a happier healthier person for it. A win, win situation, no matter how you look at it.

Living in Love & Light!!!

The Power of the Divine Feminine ~ A MUST READ!!!

Oh, Loving Woman, do not try and use me as your safety net in this world. There is nothing I can give you that will substitute your own connection to God Goddess and your own love for your soul.

Oh Loving Woman, you are half man also. You too have the power to initiate movements and openings in our relationship. You too have the power to protect and create a vessel for us to dwell in. You too have the ability to support us and not rely just on me for your sustenance in this world. Oh love woman, you speak so eloquently about equality. I agree we have our roles, and we both play them for we are both make and female. I agree that you too should play your part so that I can rest more in my feminine rather than having to be too masculine. Oh, Loving Woman, what do you feel when you look at me with eyes of needing a protector, a second father, a provider, one you can put on a pedestal and admire? Do not come to me with these eyes, but rather look and love your own self in the mirror. There is your protector and provider, and as you raise your eyes heavenward, there is your one and only Father. Then we can meet equality.

Oh Loving Woman, you see me as you see your own inner male, when I am who I am. I too have my wounds, but they are not yours. You have your wounds, but they are not mine. Oh, Loving Woman, let us differentiate between them so we may rest in the love we do share freely. Oh Loving Woman, do not look at me for direction in your life. This is a burden so no soul has to carry another. Not even God has to carry this responsibility. Only you can. Oh loving Woman, all this power you would give me I truly do not want.

Oh loving Woman, how would you give your gifts to me? To make up for the loss of what is inside you, to make up for what you have never received from yourself or from a man, to compensate for the love you dare not give yourself, to cover the hole inside yourself? Am I the bandage to place over your wounds? Am I the reason you do not choose to venture into your own pain?

Oh Loving Woman, I have held onto you because of my own pain, my own wound at the loss of my heart, my separation from self-love. My grief is at losing part of my heart. What is yours? Is it the same? Oh Loving Woman, there is nowhere to hide anymore once I am with you. I bring to light all things. There are no more excuses, no more thing you can manipulate because of your own fears. We are both powerless in the onslaught of love.

When you truly give to me humbly, when your words are honest and true, when you see how have been using me to stop feeling your own emotions, then you can receive from me freely. When you know who you are without me, and without the wounds that I trigger in you, then we can be together. Oh Loving Woman, when you no longer use the dagger of your eyes and your sly methods to control me; when you no longer rebuke me into shutting myself up; when you no longer put me down; when you openly and honestly speak rather than repressing your expression; when you appreciate and honor what I give and share; When you stop telling me how I should feel or what I should be feeling; when you can receive me as a man and hold me as a man, then I can be a vessel for the divine Father to come through my consecrated body and give you all you have ever desired, when you have healed the wound of not having it yourself, with God Goddess.

Oh Loving Woman, when you can treat me as God treats me, then we can make Divine Love. Oh, Loving Woman, I deserve to be treated like this, as you do. Oh, Loving Woman, let us learn to love our own selves fully and completely, excavating and feeling where our own pain lies, where our own separations from love have occurred. Then we can give our own selves all that we deserve, and all that God wishes to give us, which is everything. Oh, Loving Woman, I know you are a vessel for the Perfect Woman to flow through you. Know too that I am a vessel for the Perfect Man. And we are both divine children…lets play together!”

– From “Sacred Wounds Original Innocence” by Padma Aon Prakasha

Communication Barriers… One Perspective

Language and words are so very limiting and more often than not, blatantly misunderstood.  There are countless ways to same the same thing, however, if it is not conveyed in terminology (language or wording) you are already familiar with, you can not possibly understand the intended message.  Tone and misunderstood emotional perameters have a nasty way of manipulating any good intention.

In essence, all this really boils down to is self limiting beliefs.  We then take these limiting beliefs and project them upon one another, thus, countless misunderstandings, hurt feelings and confusion.  All negative emotions that are upheld by the ego.  Self imposed limitations of any sorts, can and will manifest as different ailments/diseases/blockages within the physical body, mind (consciousness/intellect/brain) and spirit (soul/higher self/divinity/the I AM presence).  The list for the mind body and spirit could be endless with the limitations of the spoken or written word … sadly, that is the problem.

I have never limited myself, although I may not have had a clear understanding of why, or the ability to communicate it intelligently to another in an understandable way until just recently.  What I know for certain, from as early as I can remember, is that intent/truth/feelings of any message, can never be fully grasped or understood by the person or persons, it is intended for, as we are limited by our methods of communications and consciousness.

When I was young, and still to this day, I am drawn to sign language.  This method of communication limits the capacity (although not entirely) for misunderstandings, although I do not wish or want for it, I use it as an example.  The ability to clearly and concisely communicate without misunderstanding, is a dream/wish/prayer, I have held dearly for as long as I can remember.

I guess you could say I have always been acutely aware of my I AM presence and the level of my energy/frequency/vibration.  When I look back on my life, my connections/interactions/engagements/relationships (etc.), and all the ‘percieved’ hardships I had to endure, it is with lucidity that I recognize all was meant to break my spirit.  However, that was never the case as I am far too stubborn to be broken by the will, manipulation or might of another.  No matter the situation, my I AM presence will never allow for another (person or unseen energy), to get the better of me.

There are countless ways to same the same things, and countless ways to misunderstand.  The only true way to ‘know’, is by looking within to seek counsel from your intuition/gut instinct/hearts knowing (etc).  If you allow the rational/logical/ego mind to discern alone, you create limitations and barriers.  To discern a message coherently, you must ‘feel’ it, measure it against your heart and then NOT allow you ‘mind’ to talk you out of what you know to be the truth.

I am certain there are countless ways to say this same message, this is simply one example and my hope is that it reaches just one person and helps them along.

Love, Light & Blessings to YOU 😀