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The Great Shift in Consciousness and the Light Vs Dark Game

The Great Shift in Consciousness and the Light Vs Dark Game

When you experience the Great Shift in Consciousness firsthand, part of what will shift in you is your perception of the battle between the Dark and the Light. You will begin to perceive it as more of a game. (And it’s at that point that ”The Game” finally begins to change.) But before I discuss more of this Light vs. Dark Game, I need to bring up a post I read earlier this week on another blog.

The blogger gave an ”energy summary report” for the first 3 months of 2012. Basically, she wrote that because lightworkers are taking positive steps forward, there’s lots more negativity that will be unleashed on them by “Team Dark” in the remaining months of 2012. Because it’s about the final battle for humanity and the Earth, there will be more attacks aimed specifically at lightworkers, she writes. The best way the “Team Dark” derails lightworkers from their purpose is to place obstacles in front of them in the form of negative people in their close environment. She then goes on to give an example of neighbors arguing outside her home into the night one night in the month of March. (I have also been saying that things will get worse before they get better–but for different reasons and using different terminology.)

I understand where she’s coming from because I used to think those things as well. I used to think that some people close to me were being unduly influenced by “Team Dark.” (What a frightening position to take on, and besides, it keeps the battle going!)

But then after dealing with those same people by following through with my higher self’s guidance rather than my normal approach (of avoidance, annoyance, even trying to justify myself using new age logic, whatever…), I had some truly amazing experiences that proved to me beyond a doubt that “Team Dark” is actually catalyzing for me the fastest way to my growth and expansion (i.e. Ascension and shift in consciousness.)

I remember the day this became so clear to me; it was a warm Spring day in 2004. I remember sitting down on the lawn of Morgan Hill High School after my older daughter’s swim meet (she was 9 yrs. old at the time) and crying. My capricious daughter and her equally unpredictable Dad had already left the meet, people were packing up and leaving the grounds and all I could do was just sit there and cry.

I will not share the event here because it will almost take a book to explain it. (How do you explain the depth of an epiphany, the emotions, the relationships, the before and after situation so that it makes a real impact for the reader…in a few paragraphs?) In fact, my first editor (a top-rate editor of spiritual books) crossed out the pages in my memoir where I wrote about this event because I don’t think it fit into her belief system. (Needless to say, I had no choice but to get myself new editors after that.)

Anyway, my epiphany showed me that the “difficult” people in my life were helping me fulfill my higher purpose by putting me through challenging situations that would teach me amazing things about truth, about unconditional love and about the deeper story of the Dark vs. the Light on this planet.

Furthermore, this event was doubly meaningful to me because a couple years earlier, I had been asked by the Counsel of Light to share what I would learn about how life on this planet really works and now with this epiphany, I had another significant and amazing thing to share, something original that was more than just a repeat of what’s currently available in the world! Anyway, that one event changed the way I viewed and interacted with the difficult people in my life forever. (Which allowed for more cooperation, more grace and ease, and more transformation.)

Growth and expansion (“ascension”) is possible when you ask your higher self for guidance regarding the challenging situation you’re in, muster up enough courage and confidence in the guidance to follow through with it promptly and consistently, and then notice the amazing things that happen and the insights you receive as a result of your following through. (My ”how-to” eBook on 2012 helps activate this process in you quite quickly.)

I mean, you can even get to a point where you can have fun with this “dark” vs. “light” gig, you can begin to see it as sort of a game. And when you have learned how to play the game (“the game of duality,” as it’s sometimes called), you have become the master of your life.

At that point, The Game’s pretty much over…and it’s time for a new kind of Game. (One that fits into the Golden Age.)

Team Dark catalyzes events that we are meant to learn incredible things from. It’s much more empowering to view it this way than to see it as an unending battle. (Aside from the fact that it’s true that it’s a temporary situation we chose for our own personal growth.)

We’re wondering why nothing we want is happening around us…But this is the piece that’s missing in many people’s experiences. The faster we get this piece, the faster the Great Shift in Consciousness and the changes we all want will manifest.