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Beloved masters, every sentient Soul must follow his/her own particular destiny, a specially designed path that leads to illumination and reintegration with his/her Divine Self.  The lessons you are learning and perfecting will be your contribution to the whole.  Within these seemingly painful experiences are the jewels of wisdom you will need to fulfill your particular segment of the grand design.  So do not judge yourself or your progress by that of other people.  Do not gaze on others in awe or with envy at the talents and gifts they have mastered and manifested, for within you are treasures just as great awaiting discovery.

You are deep in the midst of discovering a truth that has eluded humanity for hundreds of thousands of years, a secret that has been deeply hidden in the illusionary reality of the third- / fourth-dimensional world of existence: The truth about the nature of true love, what it is and what it is not. Love is not just a sensation of the physical emotions, the intense desire to own or possess another in order to feel a sense of wholeness.  True love is not the thrill of conquest or obtaining what seems to be “a great prize” at the time, which often ends up being a great burden instead. Love as an external focus, exterior to you, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, for the ego-desire body will constantly seek validation from someone or something. Love is neither Self-sacrifice nor victimhood, where you give away so much of yourself that you no longer have an identity of your own. Love is not enabling those around you to dishonor you and abuse you as they reinforce your own projections of unworthiness.  How can you expect anyone else to treat you with respect and love if you are not willing to set boundaries and send clear messages of  love, acceptance and worthiness for yourself, as well as for others?

You must remove the etheric barriers or filters you have placed around your heart and emotions if you are to be able to receive and radiate the higher frequencies of heart/Soul love. You must confront your fears about losing those you love, and let go of the disappointments and betrayals of the past, which often manifest as a fear of intimacy or of making a commitment to another. As you learn to believe in and trust yourself, you will develop a  fundamental trust in others, and others will place their faith and trust in you, for trust begets trust.

The limiting, crippling thought forms of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and suffering and the denial of the beauty and perfection of your physical vehicle must end.  It is time to re-evaluate, release or transmute all of the destructive thought patterns you have taken as your truth or allowed others to force upon you for so many past lifetimes. Pause a moment and answer these questions truthfully: do you identify who you are exclusively as a physical Being and then through constant self-judgment, focus primarily on your imperfections?  Do you habitually compare yourself with others as you fight an ongoing inward battle, which ultimately assures failure and validation of your distorted point of view?  A great majority of people have a love/hate relationship with themselves, which keeps them constantly frustrated and mired in self-inflicted misery.

You must be aware that the Path of Soul Illumination creates a dramatic upheaval in both your inner and outer realities. You must endeavor to rise above the discordant dramas in your everyday life as you diligently strive to return to harmony any imbalanced and challenging relationships. It will take time and patience;  however, when you learn to function from within  your Sacred Heart center, while attuned to your Sacred Mind, you will gradually develop a heartfelt sensitivity and serenity along with purity in thought and actions. We tell you that there are multitudes of brave Souls in this world who are well on their way to Self-mastery. They are the honored disciples on the Path who will one day become the Ascended Masters of the future, fifth-dimensional planet Earth.

We know you are wondering why you are being subjected to so many tests and negative situations. We tell you, brave Souls, you are in the midst of an intense initiation/transformation process that must be experienced in order to attain the higher levels of consciousness–not as a punishment, but as a means to once and for all release or transmute all the impacted, stagnant energy that has kept you enslaved in a greatly limited, chaotic environment.  Many of you have been on the path of initiation for many lifetimes, and you are ready for the next giant step in consciousness.

When you first step onto the probationary path of ascension, the personality/ego becomes aware of the Soul’s nudgings and the battle for supremacy begins.  Soul Fire or the invigorating, higher vibrational patterns begin to burn off the negative energy that rises to the surface to be addressed.  The fires of purification eventually become the Light of Illumination as the process is repeated over and over until the multiple facets of the Higher Self begin to merge with the Soul and the process of ascension speeds up dramatically.

Remember, every thought or statement you make has a specific range of vibrational frequencies. If you repeat a statement often enough, it becomes firmly implanted within your subconscious mind as a part of your truth. It matters not if the frequency patterns are of a high or low vibration or whether they are true or false. Over time, your subconscious mind will integrate them into your “memory bank of established beliefs.”

Criticism can be a positive thing as long as it is not permitted to become destructive (expressed with malice or with a desire to hurt). There are times when criticism is an expression of fact–when it is a neutral recognition of limitation. However, please be careful of value judgments. Remember to use your free will wisely–you always have the right to accept or decline a judgment statement.

The energies of love from the vantage point of an en-Lighten-ed Soul are totally different than the energies from those who are still playing the distorted game of duality or “me versus you.” You must first open to the love and wisdom of your Soul.  As the love grows within your Solar Heart Center, a magical thing takes place; slowly the portal to your Sacred Heart opens and the Sacred Love stored there begins to flow throughout your physical vessel, especially throughout the chakra system. You begin to realize  that you are a Divine Spark of our Father/Mother God, and you are worthy of love and respect as well as all the joy, beauty and bounty of Creation. Love projected outward from the Sacred Heart Core results in a constant flow of Self-assurance and Self-acceptance. A person centered within his/her Sacred Heart is always striving to incorporate and project more of the blissful feeling of unity and harmony. This is a precious feeling, which becomes an intrinsic part of your Being once you have gained access to the River of Light / Love / Life and you have a steady flow of Creator Light into and through your Sacred Heart.

Before you can establish a satisfying, loving relationship with others, you  must relearn how to respect and love yourself. You must begin to focus on what is right about you instead of what is wrong.  Begin to listen to the whispering, intuitive voice of your Soul Self (which will grow louder as you acknowledge its wisdom) as it gives you encouragement, insight and awareness of your vast potential. We are speaking not of egotistical love, but of a deep abiding feeling of worthiness and Self-confidence as you begin the process of reestablishing contact with the many facets of your wise and loving Higher Self.

Divine love is the Essence of our Father/Mother God, and it flows forth in great streams of White Fire Light filled with unlimited potential in its never-ending desire to experience more of Itself. The Adamantine Particles of Creator Light pour forth from the heart core of the Supreme Creator to us via the Father/Mother God of this universe.  It is a blessed gift to be used by all Creation at all levels, from the highest, most powerful, to the lowest, most diminished.  It is your birthright to bring forth your own unique self-expression, through loving cocreation in harmony with the Divine Blueprint, which is always in perfect accordance with the grand design of the Creator.

How much of your Divinity have you embodied? How loving are your creations, my brave friends?  What kind of temple have you created for your Soul? Your spirituality is becoming “up close and personal” as you clear the major distortions in your world-at-large.  You are learning that your connection with our Father/Mother God is also a very personal relationship. In fact, you are discovering that you have a facet of God Essence within your Sacred Heart Core.

When you are in an “interactive relationship of learning,” depending on the stage of en-Lighten-ment of both parties, you are either sharing conditional love of the ego-desire body or the Sacred Love of the Soul. There is an attachment process going on in both types of relationships. You are either in a relationship whereby you have allowed energy cords to be attached to your Solar Power center, and you have also sent forth energy cords to the other person (which results in a push-pull dance created by imbalanced frequency patterns). Or, if you are centered within your Sacred Heart and you are using the wisdom of your Sacred Mind, you will have allotted a share of your Adamantine Particles of Light (God Particles) to the relationship, which totally changes the dynamic interplay between you.

Truth and integrity must be the foundation of any relationship you establish in the future. Your Soul Self will accept nothing less, for compatible vibrational frequencies will be an intrinsic barometer of validation in any close relationship.   First you must accept who you are, as you are at the present time, and you must strive to become the very best person you can possibly be through self-examination of your attitudes, beliefs, habits and weaknesses.

You must learn that the foundation of a lasting relationship with others is to first establish a deep loving acceptance of your Self, exactly the way you are at the moment.  Remember our words of the past: “you must love the Self you are at the present, while you are striving to become the Self you desire to be.”  You must first focus on your capacity to “embody love,” whereby you strive to become more loving and lovable until, eventually, you realize that “you are love personified,” and you do not need anyone else to validate that truth for you.  As you tap into your own Sacred Heart and that wellspring of Sacred Love within your own Divine God Spark, you will remember that there is a never-ending supply of Love/Light available to you, for it is your Divine Heritage.

You will reside outside the normal, mass-consciousness state of reality when you attain spiritual illumination, which results in a Lightness of heart, mind and emotions. In order to receive and send love, you must remove the filters of protection you placed over your Solar Power Center many ages ago so you could not be hurt by others. You must allow the mighty Three-fold Flame to burst forth and open the portal to your Sacred Heart to receive love. Love is a powerful, natural state of Being. The pure, Sacred Love of Spirit is an emotion that cannot be distorted by conditions or actions. Love has many different qualities and feelings, such as the exquisite, romantic love between mates, the tender, protective love of a parent, and the trusting  love of a child.  Love is the language of Spirit, and it is the only way to communicate with our Mother/Father God. The love of the Creator and our Mother / Father God is all-encompassing and never-ending. Pain and suffering are a result of denying the love that you are. When you are firmly centered within your Sacred heart, you will transcend all major discord. When you are living your truth, you will be Self-confident, and you will always strive to interact with others in a positive, truthful manner. And so we implore you, beloveds, throw open the portal to your Sacred Heart so that you may be filled to overflowing with the Divine Elixir of Life. The gift of Eternal Life awaits you. Know that we are ever near to guide, inspire and protect you.

I AM Archangel Michael

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-06-2012

I have been dreaming this dream since as long as I can remember and I absolutely have been emitting that ‘love’ vibration for equal amount of time. I could never understand borders, money, laws, greed, destruction and infringement of nature for our benefit, and all these band-aid jobs! I have always said, one day I will travel the globe, beyond if I so choose, but I won’t pay a dime to do it (I refuse to~money corrupts even the finest), I won’t need documentation to prove my identity, there won’t be ‘red tape’ holding me or anyone back, and it won’t be in these ‘vehicles’ that harm our environment, or on these roads that are far less than safe. It was always blatant to me, with the brilliant minds of this world, and the loving intent I see in people, we all want and can certainly do much much better <3<3<3
So be it, Be it so. Free Will.

Karma Yoga Daily

I channeled this message from my star brother Peter, of the Pleiadian Ring of 500 on Sunday, April 1, 2012.

Greetings and hello to all our Earth being family members! This is Peter, once again, from the Pleidian Ring of 500, and my crew and I are orbiting your planet, serving as intel for the Pleiadian Council of Light, The Galactic Federation of Light, and Ashtar Command. What we do, in a nutshell, is a lot of “real-time research,” if you will. Basically we intercept all kinds of information from various satellites (yes, especially the “top secret” kind, which we decode and decipher for our allies in the skies. Our ship crew is made up of a diverse group. We’re not all Pleiadians. We have Sirians, Arcturians and Andromedans aboard as well.

We group together in small teams, and we work together in various categories. For example, my small group works…

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These are the same visions and messages I have been receiving for a very long time. Although the terminology somewhat varies (based on my own experiences) the message of hope, faith & the eventual outcome are the same.

Jesus through John

Once humanity has awakened, all kinds of marvelous things are going to happen to welcome you home to your natural state, at one with each other and with God.  It is not possible at present to give you a realistic idea of what this means because of the limited capabilities of your human brains, as you soldier on in the illusion completing the preparations that will enable your awakening. Nevertheless, your amazement and overwhelming joy, when it occurs, will have been well worth the long and arduous struggles in which you appear to have been engaged for so long.

Keep on practicing and intensifying your intent to engage lovingly and compassionately with all others at all times, and know that the effects of this behavior are bringing you ever closer to your divine destination, as the Light within you burns brighter and brighter with your every loving thought, word, and…

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Soul Recognition and the Alchemical Alliance Within

I have spoken about light & dark energies, positive & negative … (soul mates can be viewed as many, friends, family, lovers – all to be examined & handled the same). I have expressed my personal views on keeping the dark or negative at an arms length. You have seen me distance or completely cut myself off from people I view as a threat, for self preservation, my higher self. I have understanding through my own insights & prayers for the necessity to take such action. Recently I have received a channeled message from GOD with regards to this situation. Here’s what GOD had to say …….

‘God: On this matter the lesson is letting go. You and your twin have different life paths. His is to explore the dark side, while in general, the feminine is more interested in personification of love and light. Their male counterparts have been dwelling for thousands of years into the dark side of the human soul. He has given you his best shot, so to speak. He feels somewhat intimated by your light and does not know how to begin his journey back into the light, nor does he feel desire or need for it at this point in his life.
His path may take you into further separation and you must not allow him to take you down with him into his path of destruction and nihilism. He allows himself to be subject to very low energy entities, he is not master of his thoughts and action. He is like a puppet, whose strings are pulled by dark energies. Those dark energies also have a desire of hurting you, through him, so extreme caution is advised in this case.
The human heart is a very fragile gift, feelings of love should be shared, if they are not, one must protect oneself.
You do however have other soulmates, and you would have an equally deep experience with one of them, and what is more important: a much happier one.
His predicament also has to do with his own previous lives karma, and various feelings of guilt for his previous lives. He does not feel worthy of Ascension, and wishes to push you away and all those who “dare” showing him love. It is his own issue, not yours. You have helped as much as you could, you can do no more. There may come a time when he would ask you for your help, but until such time comes, he must experience what he has come here to experience and pay for his own karma.
This will be sorted eventually, even if not in this life.
You need to move on with your own life, and do all for your to find joy and peace in your life, for your own evolution.
We are one. Peace be in your heart.’

Message from God, as channeled through Laura Tyco


Re-blogged channeling.  As I have shared on my website, these ‘alien’ beings are not coming to fix us or save us… they are coming to assist us ONLY.  It is a personal journey to ascension and the new earth for everyone.

I will concur that if a carrot is being dangled discernment is utmost important as there is likely a hidden agenda.  I will say that it has always boggled my mind that we need even pay for services that are in our best interests, such as homeopathy, health & fitness, education,various healing modalities or self-help schemes.

I have always been extremely cautious when I have been made to pay for such things.  However, that being said, I do understand the current workings of this material world, and the necessity to ‘presently’ provide for housing and food on the table etc.  Therefore, I RESEARCH EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who has a service that I may be of interest in, BEFORE EVER SIGNING UP OR ACCEPTING A NEW FRIENDSHIP.  I trust & have faith in my gut feelings, I accept NOTHING at face value no matter what, and I exercise caution and discernment when engaging in anything or with anyone.

I will also say, recently I was taken on a shamanic journey.  My visions are not landscape or past lives.  You could say they are cosmic and I have been presented with various alien images, pyramids, volcano’s.  I had no sense of fear, doom or despair, but I will suggest to look another directly in the eye when questioning their motives.  Then observe their physical response in addition to their verbal communication, using discernment.  If someone is coming from a position of truth and integrity they will not have a problem answering your questions and concerns and there won’t be the slightest hesitation when replying.


Message from Yeshua ~ Let Go ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 3.21.12

Yeshua:The ways of the world are changing, dear ones. Hold on to your hats. You are about to experience what you have never experienced in all your lifetimes, since the inception of your souls into this 3D experience.   What have you learned through all these 3D experiences? That is indeed the question to ponder, for as soon as you know, you will be free to let go and move on with the richness you have gained through living these experiences. Take the gift and move on. What a glorious day awaits you as you enter into this New Earth armed with an armload of these gifts, leaving behind the pain and suffering that came with the learning.   There is beautiful Light, luminescent Light coming from those jewels you carry with you forward into this new age. You have transmuted many, many experiences into fodder for your happiness, dear ones. Hold and behold these gifts. They are yours forever, and you will be sharing them with so many others as you gather around and share your love and knowledge with every waiting ear and heart.   Time to roll up your sleeves, dear friends, and venture into this new Land of Plenty, with plenty of Love, plenty of Forgiveness, plenty of Light, plenty of Compassion, plenty of Prosperity, and plenty of meaningful Now moments. Embrace, dear ones ~ Embrace and Enjoy!   You all have come so far. You all should be commended for your strength and courage in traversing this treacherous pathway to the 5th Dimension, to the Gates of All That Is. Pat yourselves on the back and keep going. You have a ways to go, more to let go of. The phrase of the day is “Let Go”, dear ones. Let Go!   Let Go of any remaining hurts, grudges, regrets, and pain that are holding you back from true Bliss. Examine what it is in your life that you still need to let go. What is needed to complete the experiences so that they just yield the gift of the lesson? What do you still need to let go of?   Ponder this and put your glorious Light around this and you will emerge victorious into the New Earth and into the 5th Dimension clean and clear and ready for glorious expansion and Joy. We promise you this! Your loving brother, Yeshua Thank you, Yeshua

via Message from Yeshua ~ Let Go ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 3.21.12.

Archangel Michael through Ron Head: Sending your Intentions for Peace and Light forward Now would Certainly be a Good Idea

Our message this morning is about your last minute preparations for the changes we have promised.Some of you have put away an amount of extra foodstuffs, but many more have not.  We foresee no long term shortages, but some interruptions will likely occur.  You may want to have enough to get yourselves and your neighbors past those times.  If you have experienced anything like a hurricane in the past, you will know what may be needed.  Huge quantities will not be needed.  It is possible that many will not experience any hardships at all.You will come to know what the cooperative efforts of your societies can do.  Self-centered concerns and fear will not be effective when the situation demands the cooperation of all of able body.  Perhaps no problems will occur, but we must anticipate efforts to create chaos.  Sending your intentions for peace and light forward now would certainly be a good idea.  Be prepared for problems, then expect none.Also, you have available to you now information concerning your coming abundance.  Most of you have little knowledge or experience of that circumstance.  You may easily imagine some “going off the deep end”, as you put it.  We obviously do not recommend that.  Consider what would happen if everyone quit doing their productive work.  Now you will not only perceive what everyone’s value to society is, but also your own worth.  Perhaps you should thank most those persons who do the tasks you would find distasteful.Those jobs will soon not be necessary, but they will not disappear overnight.  If you lose all of your menial workers at once, someone will have to pitch in and do those things.  Do have the grace to thank them, and if possible help.  Do not fall back into complaining about the circumstance, you’ll just prolong it.  We trust humanity enough to see that small efforts at doing necessary things will result in better lives for all.It is possible that your old employment will gradually not be needed any more.  That will not be an occasion for worry.  Find a way to contribute.  Your survival and comfort will no longer be in question.Realize that many people do not consciously know that these things are coming, and many more have heard or read of them and refuse to believe it.  Your calm responses to their fears will prevent many problems.  You may begin to understand why so many of you have been isolated for so long.  You have placed yourselves in areas where you will be needed.This has been a long and rambling message.  We hope that it has given you food for thought.  We also hope that you see that it means your time has almost arrived.  Be in joy and peace.

via Archangel Michael through Ron Head: Sending your Intentions for Peace and Light forward Now would Certainly be a Good Idea.

Visionkeeper – Calm before the Storm

The temperatures have warmed, the birds are singing loudly announcing spring has arrived and all seems well, but let us not forget that a storm is indeed on its way and we need to awaken ourselves quickly. Most of you know me well enough by now to know I don’t write about this to create fear. I don’t give in to fear, but I also believe we all need to be ready for whatever comes our way. This is the crux of the battle now, this is the time where we make it or break it. This is the time we need all the light we can get to shine brightly from our love filled hearts. That is our greatest mission now, more than ever before.Hold love and light in your hearts.Well, how do I do that we ask. We hold love and light in our hearts by staying in a positive and loving space no matter what is going around you. We must believe in a better world, we all must make changes and become loving and compassionate beings. By refusing to give in to fear we hold the light, by refusing to believe the lies and actively searching for the truth we hold the light, by clearing away our own personal issues and becoming stronger within ourselves we hold love, by reaching out and helping others and seeing all equally as one we are holding love. By stepping out of our own small worlds and trying to make a difference in the bigger world we are expanding out hearts and minds.As the system begins to unravel at a faster and faster speed, things will soon become chaotic as people’s lives once dependent upon this system will now be dangling in the wind. If we have done our homework we will know that all is well despite this chaos. We will know that what we are being told is not reality, we must make our own reality. Have supplies ready just in case there is a short disruption as the systems of power switch into position. There is always some discomfort and apprehension centered around change. If you believe with all your heart this change is needed to better the world, then there will be no fear.You are prepared and awake to what is coming.Let us take this period of calm and use it to our advantage. Along with preparing physically we need to prepare mentally. Opening our minds to new ideas is surely needed. We cannot create a new world with our old 3D ways of thinking. I mean open up wide! Yes, there are other beings out there in the universe, some of whom we may very well be meeting in the near future. Yes our own Government has been working against us and trying to kill us off. The days of saying” Oh they wouldn’t do that” are over. They have and they will continue to do so until their control has  been taken down. There is a huge amount of truths getting ready to be revealed to us all and we best be ready for it.Stay opened up WIDE!If you begin to falter under the pressure of the chaos and lies, seek out those who uplift you to help you back into your heart space. That is why we are all here at this time. To not only awaken others who are sleeping but to support each other so we can remain in the light and keep working. Find websites such as this one where you can come and share your thoughts and get support. That is why I have the section Comparing Notes at the top of the page so we can come together and keep our lights shining brightly. We all have our moments of weakness, for yes, we are human beings. Be kind and patient with yourselves and know what you are doing is important beyond measure. We are all needed and loved.We must not forget the children as well. We can serve them best by raising them in the light so that they will know to be loving and compassionate to all. Allow them space to grow into who THEY wish to become. Speak to them about what is taking place and emphasize to them that there is no need to feel fear! Tell them how their light and love is needed to win this battle. By encouraging them to be a part of what is taking place, this cements them in place and takes away that doubt and fear of just watching what is happening and not understanding it and not being able to do anything.The bottom line here is ALL WILL BE WELL !There is no room for doubt and fear in our lives. We know what we have to do and if we just stand firm in our beliefs and do what is needed of us, the light force will grow in intensity, blinding out the dark. We are well on our way right now, the end is near and we remain intact. Let us keep each other in our hearts and prayers and extend our hands out  to all who may need them. Stay aware and fearless.Blessings to you all,Visionkeeper

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No Necessary Anomaly Exists | The 2012 Scenario

REBLOG ~ EXCELLENT CONSIDERATIONS!  click link for entire blog.

‘We need to recall that the destruction of the cabal’s command centers, the takedown of HAARP, the neutralizing of pandemics and vaccines, the mitigation of earthquakes and hurricanes, the removal of depleted uranium from the air, and even the destruction of the financial empire of the cabal and the arrest of its members could not have taken place so quickly without the intimate and essential help of the galactics.Consider just one thing that the galactics have done, which is to prohibit the explosion of nuclear bombs in warlike conditions (not in testing) on the planet or in space. That alone saved us from the cabal starting World War III by bombing Iran. That alone could have killed billions on the planet. How would self-reliance or any of the other well-sounding statements have protected us from a nuclear world war?I personally very much doubt that we could have overthrown the cabal today (and we have not completed that task yet) if the galactics had not helped us. And to say otherwise is in my view wishful thinking.The debate makes no sense to me because no one – not the galactics and not us lightworkers, starseeds and Earth allies – have ever said or implied that people should not be standing on their own two feet, shouldering their work, and going inward.Search this site and what will you find? Exhortations to emerge, seek God within, and listen to your inner voice. Invitations to use your own discernment. Reminders that Ascension comes from our own efforts.

via No Necessary Anomaly Exists | The 2012 Scenario.


HIGHLIGHTS ONLY (click link for full read) ~ REBLOG Signs of a darkworker
If you are the DIY soul, the first and most important thing to do is to pay attention to your energy flow. Don’t be shy to admit you feel drained after spending time with someone.

And then, here are some “signs” that raises a flag.  A person may exhibit all these signs and may still be a lightworker. I’m sharing these signs to help you be more sensitive to your energy flow, not to make you judgmental to others.

1. He or she present themselves as smaller or bigger than life.  Darkworkers know they cannot present themselves simply as they are. So they present themselves as someone who is (unfairly) victimized and who need help. Or they may present themselves as a great wonderful person to be idolized.

2. He or she is constantly in the waves of dramas.  They always have a good explanation, but the bottom line is darkworkers are almost always in some kind of drama. Positive souls don’t like staying in drama — they would try to help others in need, but sooner or later there comes a point that they step back because they are so drained energetically. Negative souls, on the other hand, quietly thrive on dramas.

3. You feel the help you offer gets sucked up in a void.  Darkworkers souls are weird.  Well, the clearing is good, but my challenge comes when they ask how they can improve their lives.

So I point out their drama tendency and suggest they start building their lives with their own power, in a small manageable way. And they say something like, “Oh, I know I give too much of myself to others.” I might try again all over saying what it is to build their life with their own power rather than relying on other people’s power, and they go, “Oh, but that’s so hard. Can you help me?”  I give up. I understand they have a right and free will to stay the way they are. As a lightworker, I must respect free will. My responsibility is to read the Akashic Records and clear the energetic issues.

How to deal with darkworkers
Again, the most important thing is to pay attention to your energy flow, or your gut feeling. It may come as a hesitant pause like, “? That just doesn’t make sense.” or “I don’t know why, but I just don’t like this feeling.”

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